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Thematic group 5 on training and capacity building

Brief on BID project, importance of traning for data mobilization and data use as well as recommendations

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147 days ago

The flipped classroom

Hello everyone! If you have discussed training approaches with me, you have probably heard me talking about student-centric learning (vs. classic teacher-centric teaching). The link that I share here talks about "the flipped classroom", which is a related twist to changing the classic learning ...

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459 days ago

Free digital badges issuing service

Dear colleagues, The website openbadges.me, which till now could be used to design the graphic component of a digital badge, is now offering also a badge issuing system. That means that you can define the metadata associated to the image and issue the badges to the awardees. Badge issuing platfo...

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522 days ago

BID CE Workshop 1 - Instructional Design Document

  This is the instructional design document corresponding to the first Capacity Enhancement Workshop within the Biodiversity Information for Development Programme. This document includes details about the objectives of the event, the target audience, the structure of the whole event and ...

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549 days ago

BID Workshop 1: Biodiversity Data Mobilization

This group supports the activities around the FIRST CAPACITY ENHANCEMENT WORKSHOP organized within the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme. Its contents are open, but mainly addressed to those participating in the workshop either on-site or online. Main page (English)  NE...

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465 days ago

BIFA ToT Workshop

This group aims to gather all participants and trainers of the ToT Workshop held on 20-24 June 2016 in Tagaytay, Philippines. This will be used for sharing information and resources. This workshop is funded by the Biodiversity Information Fund for Asia (BIFA) programme.

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608 days ago

Final Report - GBIF GB22 Training Event for Nodes

This is the FINAL REPORT of the course for Node managers and their teams associated to the 13th meeting of the GBIF Participant Nodes Committee in 2015 in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The report summarizes the feedback received and suggests areas for improvement for future events.

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761 days ago

Instructional Design Document for the GB22 training event for Nodes

This is the instructional design document for the training event for GBIF Participant nodes associated to the GB22 meeting. The face to face section of the event will be held in the Madagascar Development Learning Center in Antananarivo, Madagascar, the 4-5 October 2015. This document includes...

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845 days ago

Pictures from the GB22 Nodes events

Diverse pictures from the GB22 Nodes events. Feel free to add you own!

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865 days ago

Séance 07. Démonstration de la publication des données d'échantillonnage. Présentation

Cette présentation sera utilisé pour partager avec les participants les plans pour la séance 09 de la formation pour les points nodaux de GBIF planifiée pour 4-5 Octobre 2015. This presentation is also available in English.   

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868 days ago