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...Quality function area in Novo Nordisk, Gentofte. Have been employed  with a broad range of areas: Arranging travels, meetings and  training courses Coordinator of semi...

2475 days ago

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...xamples-of-lsids/ Also and email conversation that is related (I think LSIDs and their resolution, etc may be an important thing to cover in the training course - to at least let peop...

2274 days ago

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...with data publishers to capture and maintain dataset metadata   Training activities/materials on data...iddot;    Focus on data quality during BID/BIFA related trainings --...

872 days ago

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...alue in collecting immediate impressions from students directly during training events. Sometimes is as much...our ultimate goal is to go further than that and being able to connect training events with concrete contribu...

723 days ago

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BTW, in the same site you have other very useful infographics about key training topics: https://www.knewton.com/infographics/ Enjoy!

464 days ago

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The GBIF Governing Board and Community have been informed about the possibility of requesting help to the IPT Experts Network for IPT implementation and training: http://www.gbif.org/communications/news-and-events/showsingle/article/gbif-ipt-new-resources-and-opportunities/

3015 days ago

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When will the IPT be officially released? We still have only release candidates...  I would like to organise some training etc., but I want a stable, fully tested and debugged release. Thanks, Hannu

2746 days ago

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Dear members of the ORC development group, Welcome! The NODES and Training work areas in the GBIF Secretariat are working together on the development of the GBIF Online Resource Centr...

2739 days ago

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...etings, but we plan to expand the selection as much as we can :) We will also try to link presentations to other existing resources, such as the training manuals, so you can access al...

2473 days ago

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...exicon/thesaurus/controlled vocabulary already exists. Now that an internalization effort is ongoing at different level (documentation, software, training support, ...), it seems funda...

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