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Africa ENM and Data Papers

A discussion forum for participants of the Ecological Niche Modelling and Data Paper training course held in Johannesburg in November 2015, and other African nodes

757 days ago

GB22 Nodes Activities

...the 22nd meeting of the GBIF Governing Board in October 2015: a global training course and the 13th global meeting of the GBIF Nodes Committee. Main page for the training event Main page for the glob...

743 days ago

Interest group on National Species Checklists

This group has been formed as follow-up on the 'Training hackathon for Checklist Crossmapping and Precursor National Checklists Generation from GBIF data'. Code developed at this hacka...

1079 days ago

Rede de Línguas - PORTUGUÊS

...share experiences, alert about opportunities, develop collaborative projects and avoid the duplication of efforts when producing promotional and training materials, user interfaces, e...

1465 days ago

GB20 training course

This group supported the activities related to the training course for Nodes associated to the 20th meeting of the GBIF Governing Board in October 2013. Index and agenda of the course...

1495 days ago

Interest group on biodiversity informatics training

...the aim to create a space for discussion, debate, development, collaboration and mutual enrichment for professionals in biodiversity informatics training in its widest sense. Please...

1755 days ago

Designing country pages for the new GBIF Portal

...(distinguishing between data owners and data hosting institutions), linking to information about the Participant’s other activities in GBIF (e.g. training activities, mentoring, hostin...

1821 days ago

Biodiversity Data Publishing Interest Group

...ata publishing and fitness-for-use the 5-9 December 2011 (check the summary page here) and also served as a work platform for the speakers of the training course on "How to publish bio...

2262 days ago

Species distribution models interest group

...g techniques. It will serve as a platform for discussion, experience and resources sharing, mentoring, etc. It will also work as one of the GBIF Training Experts Network, as described...

2178 days ago

GBIF Online Resource Centre development group

This group will serve as a work platform for the development of the GBIF Online Resource Centre, (ORC) as described in the  Nodes and Training sections of the GBIF Work Programme 2009-...

2348 days ago