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Practical information for the training event in Kigali (EN)

On-site Event in Kigali, Rwanda - Practical Information Our host, the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) has kindly provided the following practical informatio...

557 days ago

First BID Workshop - Biodiversity Data Mobilization (EN)

...dule for the event is slightly different depending on which edition you are participating in:   Blended training edition ONLINE + ON-SITE   Online training editionONLINE ONLY  ...

467 days ago

Work groups in GB22 training event

Work Groups in the GB22 Training Event Many of the sessions included in the GB22 training event will be organized aroun...Group Blue GB22_NodesTraining_Blue@cemail.gbif.org...Group Yellow GB22_NodesTraining_Yellow@cemail.gbif.org...

890 days ago

GB22 Training Event for Nodes

GB22 Training Event for Nodes 2015 Training event for Node Managers and teams returns to a core topic for GBIF:...ork In order to make sure that everyone can fully benefit from this training opportunity, the organizers a...

766 days ago

List of subscribed participants

...e at http://gb22.gbif.org/GB22/GB22reg/listPeople. LEGEND Part: GBIF Participant, country or international organization. TR1: Training event, day 1. TR2: Training event, day 2. GNM1: Global N...

890 days ago

Schedule for the GB22 training event

Version en Français Schedule for the GB22 Nodes Training Event Room MultimediaMadagascar DLC, Antananarivo, Madagascar4-5 October 2015 You will find specific information abou...

884 days ago

PUBLIC REVIEW: Data Refinement Using the BioVeL Portal by González-Talaván, A., Mathew, C., Obst, M. and Paymal, E.

...ovember 2014. Feedback is welcome as comments to this community site item (use the form below after logging into the site) or through the address training@gbif.org. Access the documen...

1219 days ago

The project outcomes

The project outcomes This page puts together all the outcomes of the project that are available for public use.   Documentation and training     Best Pra...

1200 days ago

Call for proposals to produce a Best Practice Guide on Addressing Social Barriers to Data Publishing

...his guide. This is a continuation of the work started during the GB20 training course for Nodes, where a spe...u have any questions about the call, please do not hesitate to contact training@gbif.org.

1529 days ago

Review of the list of data quality related tools in the GBIF catalogue

...e same mechanisms. Just make sure that you alert the Secretariat using training@gbif.org, to make sure that y...ue are continuously welcome using the same mechanisms. Please contact training@gbif.org or use the comments...

1480 days ago