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The flipped classroom

Hello everyone! If you have discussed training approaches with me, you have probably heard me talking about student-centric learning (vs. classic teacher-centric teaching). The link...

464 days ago

Infographics about digital badges

...nd performance. We will have a pilot experience during the next global training event for GBIF Nodes (http://community.gbif.org/pg/pages/view/48609/certification-in-the-gb22-training-event). In the article linke...

911 days ago

Special edition of Nature focusing on education

...e through all the articles, but I already liked the first editorial article I read: http://www.nature.com/news/an-education-1.17972. The focus of training and education should be the s...

953 days ago

Article on how to links training assessments with later performance at the work place

This article suggests a way to link the assessments made during a training programme with the reported change...add that this could be also a good way to improve the contents of your training programme, and especially of...

982 days ago

Presentation: data standards, publishing sample-based data

  This set of slides was presented by Éamonn Ó Tuama in the first EU BON training event hold in Crete (Greece) in April 2014. Abstract:"The GBIF Integrated Publi...

988 days ago

Article: how to engage a subject matter expert in a training activity

...challenges that those organizing or producing training have to face is the collabora...o have the knowledge about the content of the training (frequently called subject ma...ecially when transfering existing traditional training systems into online ones. I t...

1146 days ago

RDA interest group on 'Education and Training on handling of research data'

...his interesting. It talks about a RDA interest group on 'Education and Training on handling of research data'...formation about existing developments and initiatives and promotion of training/education to manage research...

1214 days ago

Short article: Why microlearning is huge

A very interesting article about micro-learning: very short learning materials that can be easily found and consumed. A five minutes read that can inspire you in the production of your next training asset!

1325 days ago

Free resource: 84 Tips on New Instructional Design for New Instructional Technology

...echnology. I have not read it myself (yet), but these manuals are usually a good way to get acquainted with some of the basics to design digital training materials. If any of you rea...

1348 days ago

Article: Big data and performance support

I just read this article about performance support as a component of training, and I though that it may prove useful to some members of the group. The author relates performance suppor...

1404 days ago