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The Use of Mozilla Open Badges in Biodiversity Informatics Training

...Mozilla Open Badges as part of a training event addressed to GBIF nodes...ith the biodiversity informatics training group.  The Rationale B...able to show the outcomes of our training activities beyond resource ra...tivities not strictly related to training and capacity. In that regard,...

723 days ago

A free eLearning resource: 131 Tips on Graphics and Animations for eLearning

A new free resource about the use of graphics and animations in digital training resources has been released by the eLearning Guild: www.elearningguild.com/publications/index.cfm?id=3...

1563 days ago

Use of images and graphics in training

...about the use of images and illustrations in training (probably also valid for the...generally support using images as part of the training resources. I'm particularly a...nt, explain it, support it... even becoming a training resource themselves if possib...

1580 days ago

Advancing towards the first eLearning course produced by the GBIF Secretariat

...most effective eLearning approach providing the nature of GBIF and the training initiatives we are already in...earning course on georeferencing. This topic has been part of the GBIF training offer for quite a long time s...

2116 days ago

New set of introductory videos about data quality and fitness-for-use

In September 2011, the GBIF Secretariat organized a training course about new ways of biodiversity data publi...edback on these videos, as they are our first approach to this kind of training material. You can add your co...

2138 days ago

Recommendations for the online discussion 5-9 December 2011

In order to make the most of this exciting opportunity, here are some suggestions on how to proceed during the week: GET READY! Follow the instructions described in t...

2276 days ago

Getting ready for the online discussion the 5-9 December 2011

The dates of the 'Online Discussion about data publishing and fitness-for-use' (5-9 December) are getting close. If you want to make the most of this opportunity, better...

2279 days ago

Training components of the GBIF Participant Report 2010

...results of the two years for the training area. It's important to highl...nts is increasing in relation to training. This is especially evident i...nd their involvement in adapting training materials is nearly the same...s Involvement in NATIONAL training activities 2009 2...

2348 days ago

Announcement about the data publishing documents to the GBIF nodes

....org. We would also like to use this opportunity to remind you that a training course on how to publish biod...feedback on these guides will also help with the preparation for this training course.  All information...

2508 days ago

26th Distance Teaching and Learning Conference, August 2010, Madisson, WI (USA)

...media for those who do distance training. They allow a shift from broa...nd to perform evaluations of the training. These technologies can be a...p;     Foundations of Training Evaluation, by Donald Kirkpat...at passion in the benefit of the training programme: live polls (http:/...

2732 days ago