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I am web developer at the french GBIF node.

Skills: drupal, php, javascript, web mapping, gis

1080 days ago

Martin Pluta

Skills: php, html, css, java, javascript, actionscript, c/c++, asp, photoshop, illustrator, flash

1589 days ago

Falko Glöckler

Skills: php, c++, java, vba, jquery, ajax, sql, r, css

334 days ago

Petr Novotný

Skills: gis, mysql, php, zend fm, linux

2091 days ago

Javier Otegui (JOT)

Skype: j_otegui Twitter: jotegui Google Talk: javier.otegui

Skills: mysql, php, web programming, python, data visualization, spanish, english, basque, french

558 days ago

Mickael Graf

Mickaël Graf, 37, is born in Montpellier, France. After obtaining his Masters Degree in Information System and Management, and a short job experience in France, he moved to Sweden in February 1999 and soon started to work as database developer in an Internet advertising company. In January...

Skills: Wordpress, Textpattern, Microformats, Database design, development and maintainance, MySQL, Oracle, FileMaker, SQL, PL/SQL, AJAX, PHP, C, Javascript, XML, (X)HTML, Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, Slackware, Apache, Open Source, Mapserver, Google Maps, Google Appengine, GeoRSS

851 days ago

Alberto González Talaván

I work at present at the GBIF Secretariat working in training and capacity building issues. Together with my colleagues of the Participation Thematic area, we take care of this GBIF Community site. More info in my linkedIn profile.

Skills: organisation of events, social networking, web design, php, mysql, vba, databases, spanish, english, french, danish, japanese

181 days ago