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Comment on "GBIF Logo 130x130 pix"

...formats. Without being too precious about it, we do just need to carry a note alongside any download facility clarifying who can use it and how - nodes and partners, for example, sh...

2199 days ago

Comment on "Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum V1.1"

Curriculum for your input and discussion at the Nodes meeting.

788 days ago

Comment on "Biodiversity Informatics Curriculum_Conceptual Framework_South Africa"

Please find attached curriculum for further discussion at the Nodes Meeting.

788 days ago

Comment on "Work plan group - BLUE - Improving the quality of GBIF mediated data"

...lean datasets to be captured somewhere and be improved by more advanced nodes. ·    ...rongly recommended DwC terms     One year actions   Nodes self-assessment · &nb...

774 days ago

Comment on "Work Plan Group PURPLE - Promoting Open Data in Private Sector"

The results of the group, including a link to the presentation, are displayed here: http://community.gbif.org/pg/pages/view/49661/results-of-the-nodes-wp-group-on-open-data-and-the-private-sector 

767 days ago

Comment on "Work plan group - BLUE - Improving the quality of GBIF mediated data"

Notes from the 11th EU Nodes data quality work plan group, Portugal April 2016 https://docs.google.com/document/d/197Btzw4CXgQl6d6Bjcsb63wNbXQ2yoTO_HHvKZfRjmo/edit

577 days ago

Comment on "TDWG DQIG - Task Group 3 - Use Case Library for Data Quality"

The Nodes meeting at GB22 in Madagascar develop...very similar to the DQIG TG3 template.Nodes task group report on: Connect...ly thing I notice missing is that the nodes have included a question/inpu...t critical from the standpoint of the nodes - and that this form from the...

543 days ago

Comment on "Issue tracking system"

Will this ELGG be the communication platform we can use for the NODES work? Can we release this for the GB16 NODES meeting?

2991 days ago

Comment on "NODES Community platform"

Will the ELGG social network platform be siutable as the NODES communication. Pros/Cons. Please contribute your evaluation below:

2991 days ago

Comment on "IPT data sharing tool"

How well does the new IPT data asharing tool satisfy the needs, requirements and expectaions from the NODES. Please share your evaluations and comments below:

2991 days ago