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Results of the Nodes WP Group on Open Data and the Private Sector

WORK PLAN GROUP - PURPLEOpen data and the private sector Results and follow-up   Priliminary results:  2 year goals of the Purple Group (Promoting open d...

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WORK PLAN GROUP - RED: improving relevance of GBIF for science-policy initiatives

...atives are well understood. This stream of the Nodes Committee work plan has the objective to promote collaborations within the Nodes Committee on liaising and con...is TBD     The description of the Nodes Committee work plan 2016-2017...

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GB22 Training Event for Nodes

GB22 Training Event for Nodes 2015 Training event for Node Managers and teams returns to a core topic...fferent sessions. You can also find information on the agenda in the GB22 nodes event brochure. Work Groups...

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List of subscribed participants

Subscription to Nodes onsite and online activities is done through http://gb22.gbif.org/...Training event, day 1. TR2: Training event, day 2. GNM1: Global Nodes Meeting, day 1. GNM2: Global Nodes Meeting, day 2. IB: Ice brea...

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Africa Regional Breakout Meeting

summary of discussion from the GBIF-Africa breakout at the Nodes meeting 2017

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Paco likes the HUGE GB17 banner

Nodes chair meeting at the Ramada Plaza Suwon

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Pictures from the GB22 Nodes events

Diverse pictures from the GB22 Nodes events. Feel free to add you own!

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GB17 Suwon Korea

Ahead of the GBIF Governing Board in Suwon, South Korea, we organized the first Nodes Chair meeting with representation from the new regional network of Nodes (Africa, Asia, Europa, North America, and Oceania).

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The Use of Mozilla Open Badges in Biodiversity Informatics Training

...n 2015 the GBIF Secretariat led a pilot experience on formal certification using Mozilla Open Badges as part of a training event addressed to GBIF nodes representatives. I would like...

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Darwin Core in NCBO BioPortal

...rdquo; when loading to BioPortal remained. A new test including only a subset of the Darwin Core concepts replaced quote characters inside the XML nodes by html entities (")...

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PRE-COURSE ACTIVITY: Webcast about basic use of the IPT

...basic publishing is a requirement to participate in the GB22 course for Nodes, so those who are unsure abou...es appear there. This webinar in the context of the GB22 activities for nodes. Options available for feedba...

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Infographics about digital badges

...gital badges as a way to certify skills, knowledge and performance. We will have a pilot experience during the next global training event for GBIF Nodes (http://community.gbif.org/pg...

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Nominations by LA #GBIF Nodes for the I3B Biodiversity Information for Environmental Conservation Workshop are welcome http://goo.gl/iaX15

1839 days ago

Very happy with the presentation about the #GBIF eLearning plans to the nodes. Thanks to all who attended after the long day! #GBIF_GB19

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...oup supports the activities of our 14th Global Nodes Meeting that will take place...F Governing Board.The general aims of a Global Nodes Meeting are to: share information on the progress made by nodes and regions establish collab...

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Africa ENM and Data Papers

A discussion forum for participants of the Ecological Niche Modelling and Data Paper training course held in Johannesburg in November 2015, and other African nodes

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This group supports the activities of our 14th Global Nodes Meeting that will take place in Helsinki, on 24-25 September 2017 ahead of the 24th GBIF Governing Board.The general aims of a Global Nodes Meeting are to: share information on the progress made by nodes and regions establish collabo...

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GNM13 session 2: Nodes Committee work plan 2016-2017

This presentation on the Nodes Committee work plan 2016-2017 was provided by Manuel Vargas at the first day of the 13th global Nodes meeting in Antananarivo, Madagascar 6 October 2015.

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Comment on "GBIF Logo 130x130 pix"

...formats. Without being too precious about it, we do just need to carry a note alongside any download facility clarifying who can use it and how - nodes and partners, for example, sh...

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Comment on "Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum V1.1"

Curriculum for your input and discussion at the Nodes meeting.

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