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...oup supports the activities of our 14th Global Nodes MeetingĀ that will take place...F Governing Board.The general aims of a Global Nodes Meeting are to: share information on the progress made by nodes and regions establish collab...

54 days ago

Africa ENM and Data Papers

A discussion forum for participants of the Ecological Niche Modelling and Data Paper training course held in Johannesburg in November 2015, and other African nodes

659 days ago

GB22 Nodes Activities

...oup supported the activities addressed to GBIF Nodes associated with the 22nd meet...course and the 13th global meeting of the GBIF Nodes Committee. Main page for the training event Main page for the global nodes meeting NEW: The final repor...

645 days ago

Biodiversity IT-Dev

...solutions on a collaborative environment. It is well known that on the GBIF scope, there is a common subset of knowledge areas that interest all nodes and, therefore, most developm...

907 days ago

GB20 training course

This group supported the activities related to the training course for Nodes associated to the 20th meeting of the GBIF Governing Board in October 2013. Index and agenda of the cour...

1397 days ago

Designing country pages for the new GBIF Portal

...se the visibility of the GBIF Participants and Nodes in the GBIF portal and tie to...ontent by record type and taxonomy). The GBIF Nodes Steering Group has assigned a...site group is to support the work of the focal Nodes, document discussions, and sh...

1722 days ago

GBIF Online Resource Centre development group

...elopment of the GBIF Online Resource Centre, (ORC) as described in theĀ  Nodes and Training sections of the...ecretariat and will be contracted to an external person/team. All GBIF Nodes staff are invited to particip...

2250 days ago

NODES of North America

GBIF Nodes headquartered in Canada and United States

1942 days ago

INSPIRE Interest Group

...biotopes" and "Bio-geographical regions" are of particular relevance to GBIF Participants. This site is set up as a meeting place for those GBIF Nodes interested in discussing inte...

2552 days ago