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Nominations by LA #GBIF Nodes for the I3B Biodiversity Information for Environmental Conservation Workshop are welcome http://goo.gl/iaX15

1839 days ago

Very happy with the presentation about the #GBIF eLearning plans to the nodes. Thanks to all who attended after the long day! #GBIF_GB19

1954 days ago

Opportunity for #GBIF nodes people participating in #GBIF_GB19 to try the pilot eLearning course we're building. Contact me if interested!

1962 days ago

Week-long meeting of the #GBIF Committees in Copenhagen. Specially glad to work with the Nodes Steering Group :)

2100 days ago

The #GBIF acting Nodes Chair highlights in his report to the #GB18 their high appreciation for the training activities in 2011 :)))

2302 days ago

Heavy email days :/ But excited with the preparations for the training event for nodes during #GBIF GB18!

2344 days ago

Today and tomorrow, we're holding a seminar to prepare the training session for #GBIF Nodes at the GB18. Thanks to those participating!

2407 days ago

Today, we will seek input from the Nodes through the Nodes Steering Group about the training topics for the GB18 meeting.

2445 days ago

Out of the office till Wednesday in the #GBIF Committee meetings (Nodes and Science mainly) for updates and Work Programme discussions

2459 days ago

At the EU nodes meeting 2011.

2486 days ago