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PRE-COURSE ACTIVITY: Webcast about basic use of the IPT

...basic publishing is a requirement to participate in the GB22 course for Nodes, so those who are unsure abou...es appear there. This webinar in the context of the GB22 activities for nodes. Options available for feedba...

855 days ago

Infographics about digital badges

...gital badges as a way to certify skills, knowledge and performance. We will have a pilot experience during the next global training event for GBIF Nodes (http://community.gbif.org/pg...

880 days ago

GBIF NPT: Nodes Portal Toolkit

http://community.gbif.org/pg/groups/3507/nodes-portal-toolkit-npt/ http://nodesportaltoolkit.blogspot.com/

2176 days ago

News item about the NPT coordinator

..., as explained in this other news item: http://www.gbif.org/communications/news-and-events/showsingle/article/danis-and-youdjou-to-coordinate-the-nodes-portal-toolkit-development/

2508 days ago