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The Use of Mozilla Open Badges in Biodiversity Informatics Training

...n 2015 the GBIF Secretariat led a pilot experience on formal certification using Mozilla Open Badges as part of a training event addressed to GBIF nodes representatives. I would like...

691 days ago

Darwin Core in NCBO BioPortal

...rdquo; when loading to BioPortal remained. A new test including only a subset of the Darwin Core concepts replaced quote characters inside the XML nodes by html entities (")...

1987 days ago

Advancing towards the first eLearning course produced by the GBIF Secretariat

...atform, called the GBIF Virtual Classroom. A task group was set up in 2010 to discuss this issue and, as part of their work, the GBIF community of nodes was consulted through a surve...

2084 days ago

Invasive Alien Species in Belgium

Harmonia Following up our EU nodes meeting, I just want to inform all of you about our Harmonia system. H...list has been published on GBIF and I strongly encourage all other nodes to publish their own invasive...

2125 days ago

From Problems to Solutions

...Briefly, NPT1 will be just focusing on basic need of national nodes that have no IT capacity at all, which will have a set of functionalities allowing nodes to obtain web presence. NPT1...

2314 days ago

Training components of the GBIF Participant Report 2010

...estimation in 2009. Regarding the topics of training reported, the 2010 report is much more accurate in this regard, but confirms the interest of nodes in GBIF classic topics as dat...

2316 days ago

A few words about the SRS document

A Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document is being prepared as the next logical step after the NPT Scoping and Requireme...

2325 days ago

Announcement about the data publishing documents to the GBIF nodes

...that David Remsen did to the GBIF Nodes the 13 Arpil 2011 about the r...hrough the Regional Workshops, the Nodes Committee identified the need...ata through GBIF” (Issue 14, Nodes Committee Report from the 201...uld like to invite all Participant Nodes to test and provide feedback...

2475 days ago