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Certification in the First BID Workshop (EN)

...pants' skills. The main evaluation criteria will be a final applied assignment which will be shared with the participants after the workshop. This assignment will be similar to the exe...

391 days ago

List of subscribed participants

...GEND Part: GBIF Participant, country or international organization. TR1: Training event, day 1. TR2: Training event, day 2. GNM1: Global Nodes Meeting, day 1. GNM2: Global Nodes Meeting, day 2...

885 days ago

Post workshop Follow-On Tasks

...tion as formal GSC workshop report [action: EOT, all participants] DwC - MIxS (also ABCDDNA, WFCC global catalog minimun dataset description) : alignment: publish mappings/crosswal...

2176 days ago

Standards alignment (DwC, MIxS, ABCDDNA, WFCC)

The alignment (mapping) of the DwC and GSC MIxS checklists which had begun in previous wo...considered). An RDF expression of the MIxS terms was prepared. Vocabulary Alignment (DwC, MIxS, ABCDDNA, WDCM)...

2176 days ago

Preparations for the 'Persistent Identifiers course' Feb 2012 Madrid

...for a particular context; be able to select appropriate vocabularies and express them in RDF format; implement PID in their software systems (assignment of different PID solutions...

2263 days ago