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PRE-COURSE ACTIVITY: Promoting data publishing

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881 days ago

GBIF-ICLEI-CBD Best Practice Guide for Biodiversity Data Publishing by Local Governments version 1.0

The overall purpose of this guide is to: make local governments aware of the benefits to them of being able to access biodiversity data via the GBIF network, and the important role they can play as contributors of primary biodiversity data to the GBIF network through regional, national, and gl...

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2245 days ago

Webpage about the GB18 Data Publishing Workshop

This is the webpage where all the public information about the workshop will be displayed.

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2476 days ago

Announcement about the data publishing documents to the GBIF nodes

In the email pasted below, you can read the announcement that David Remsen did to the GBIF Nodes the 13 Arpil 2011 about the release of the first draft of the data publishing documentation, and the request for feedback on those. You'll find also the links to access the documents. --------------...

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2477 days ago

Biodiversity Data Publishing Interest Group

This group aims to be a platform for general discussion on issues related to BIODIVERSITY DATA PUBLISHING, including occurrence, names and metadata publishing, dataset registration with GBIF, intellectual property rights issues, etc. All those involved on this process from data producers, manage...

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2231 days ago