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Heloisa Tozato

I´m a Brazilian environmental manager with experience in projects of high complexity at the international, national and local levels. Specialist in biodiversity management.

Location: brazil

495 days ago

David Valentim Dias

Participation member of SiBBr.

Location: brazil

193 days ago

Vinicius S. Ferreira

My interest is centered in the Taxonomy and Systematics of general Elateroidea (Insecta, Coleoptera) with emphasis in Lycidae and Telegeusidae as well as it's taxonomic problems and issues. Besides my interests in beetles I am very connected with the problems and challenges of biodiversity inform...

Location: brazil

781 days ago

Luiz Gadelha

Location: petrópolis, rio de janeiro, brazil

1109 days ago

Danny Vélez

Content administration at the Information System on Brazilian Biodiversity - SiBBr.

Location: brazil

656 days ago

Eduardo Dalcin

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

312 days ago