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Olá Danny, We have completed our review of the portuguese translation of the DwC terms to portuguese. Please let us know if yu need any further contribution. Abraço, Rui  
3 minutes ago in Rede de Línguas - PORTUGUÊS

Alberto González Talaván: New #GBIF guide on biodiversity data refinement using the BioVeL portal now out for public review community.gbif.org/pg/pages/view/44547 Reply 3 hours ago

Alberto González Talaván wrote a new page titled PUBLIC REVIEW: Data Refinement Using the BioVeL Portal by González-Talaván, A., Mathew, C., Obst, M. and Paymal, E.

PUBLIC REVIEW: Data Refinement Using the BioVeL Portal  This document is a practical guide on how to assess the quality of biodiversity datasets, like those published and accessible through...
23 hours ago in GBIF/TDWG biodiversity data quality interest group