Group to provide support and advice when using the GBIF Community Site.

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This is the Frequently Asked Questions section of the GBIF Community Site.

  1. How can I receive notifications in my email when content is added/modified in the GBIF Community Site?
    You can customise this feature for any group or member. Access the 'settings' menu in the top on the page and click on 'Group notifications' in the new menu in the left. Your groups will be listed and you will be able to select if you want to be notified of changes through the GBIF Community site or in your email.
    Watch a short explanatory video here:
  2. I have uploaded a file but when I try to access it back I obtain a 0kb unreadable file.
    The system has a file size upload limit of 10 Mb. Trying to upload larger files will result in no error message but the file will not be available. Please consider compressing the files before sharing them for the benefit of the Community. If the file cannot be compressed behind 10 Mb, please consider using an external hosting service to share it.

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