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Certification in the First BID Workshop (EN)


Certification in the First BID Workshop


The first BID workshop includes a component of assessment of the participants' skills and knowledge, and the certification of this capacity through digital badges.

These badges comply with the Mozilla OpenBadges standard, so awardees can present them together with any other badges acquired from other sources. Through digital backpacks and collections, you can display them in your social media pages, online CVs, blogs, etc. Third parties can objectively verify the skills that the badge certifies and the criteria that you met to obtain the badge.

If you are interested in knowing more about the OpenBadges initiative, have a look at this short video:

If you are REALLY interested in knowing more, we can also suggest the following 54 minutes webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdv6R2BiYq4.

Performance assessment during the workshop

The workshop will include several opportunities for evaluating progress against the objectives defined in its instructional design: seek the section about assessment in each session description page to know what was covered in each part of the course. This is a short summary:

  1. We will use four public rubrics to assess the performance of each participant. These four rubrics have been developed around the four main topics tackled during the workshop:
  2. These rubrics will be used during the workshop (especially during the practical exercises) for early evaluation of the participants' skills.
  3. The main evaluation criteria will be a final applied assignment which will be shared with the participants after the workshop. This assignment will be similar to the exercises done during the workshop. This exercise will be assessed using the same public rubrics mentioned above.
  4. Once all assessments are completed, the workshop organisers will contact the participants to notify the result of the assessment and for the issuing of the corresponding certification, if applicable.

Badges awarded

This is the list of badges awarded as a result of the workshop:

Basic badge awardees

  • Andry Jean Marc Rakotomanjaka
  • Gilbert Muvunankiko
  • Wycliffe Mutero

Advanced badge awardees

  • Alain Jaures Gbetoho
  • Charles Nounagnon Gangnibo
  • Fatimata Niang Diop
  • Gladys Odey Schwinger
  • Jean Ganglo
  • Katia Cezón García
  • Kudzai Mafuwe
  • María Auxiliadora Mora
  • Pulchérie Bissiengou
  • Ravelomanana Andrianjaka
  • Sara Raquel Figueira Fernandes
  • Tsitsi Sithandiwe Maponga
  • Yves Bertrand Soukontoua

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