This group supports the activities addressed to the Nodes associated to the 22nd meeting of the GBIF Governing Board in Oct 2015

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Work Plan Group PURPLE - Promoting Open Data in Private Sector

Promoting open data in private sector



1. Description of the NC work plan stream

Science is built on data: its collection, analysis, publication, reanalysis, critique, and reuse. However, the current system of scientific publishing works against maximum dissemination of the scientific data underlying publications. On the other hand many open journals, publicly funded universities and government agencies, not to mention funding agencies are starting to request opening the data once collected with public funding.


In a digital age, data is also a key resource for social and commercial activities. By opening up research and monitoring data, governments can help drive the creation of innovative business and services that deliver social and commercial value. At the same time, citizens are enabled to be much more directly informed and involved in decision-making.

2. Suggested outcomes of the NC work plan stream

 Please improve the possible outcomes after a two years implementation of the Nodes Committee work plan.

  • identifying opportunities for collaboration (based on success stories)
  • identifying possible caveats (based on use-ases) and collaborating to find solutions
  • constructing and maintaining discussion/good practices documentation on-line 

3. Suggested activities for the NC work plan stream

Please expand the list of possible activities for the two year Nodes Committee work plan, for example:

Use cases or success stories of:

  • citizen science as a collaboration tool (develeopment of tools as business)
  • collaboration with SMEs and/or big companies
  • hackathon ideas (involving private sector)
  • key success measures for outreach and marketing

4. Actions suggested by regional work plans or the NSG

The following list of activities could be used as a resources to draw activities from for the stream on promoting best practices in finding funds for Nodes activities of the Nodes Committee work plan.

  • Identify and engage strategic partners; African WP

  • Write proposal for business cases on Invasive species; African WP

  • Write proposal for business cases on Threatened species; African WP

  • Capturing Nodes affiliations and gaps for potential collaborations; NSG brainstorm

  • Interaction between GBIF and the private sector; NSG brainstorm

  • Licensing (commercial use); NSG brainstorm

5. Information resources already available in GBIF


6. Instructions for the NC work plan group at GNM13

The five work plan groups of streams 4-8 will work with the initial content on the topic of each stream at the community site and will consolidate and expand this content per stream. The results of the work plan groups will form the basis of the NC work plan descriptions for the relevant streams.


The facilitator of this group is Cees Hof



The description of the Nodes Committee work plan 2016-2017 can be found here: http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/49283/gnm13-description-of-the-nodes-committee-work-plan-20162017

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