This group supports the activities addressed to the Nodes associated to the 22nd meeting of the GBIF Governing Board in Oct 2015

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BREAK-OUT GROUP: Connecting with users of biodiversity data

Connecting with users of biodiversity data

Link: TG Blue discussion forum



1. The Aims and Objectives of the Group

Showing the actual use of GBIF mediated data has become more important for GBIF in recent years. GBIF has become better at showing use of GBIF mediated data from peer reviewed scientific articles. An improved way of gathering and showing use of biodiversity information in decision-making is very much needed. Many GBIF Participant Nodes are looking for ways to connect better with various users. There is a lot of experience within the Nodes Committee on how to connect to users, and this break-out group is focused on un-locking these experiences so these become available for the entire GBIF network.

The key objectives of this break-out group are to
•    Share and gather examples of how GBIF Participant Nodes are connecting with various users groups, and
•    Collect use cases on how user groups have made use of biodiversity information

2. Preparations beforehand

As preparatory work before this GNM13 break-out session we would ask nodes to list experiences and stories on connecting with users, using the TG-Blue discussion forum, or the comment box below. Describe at least one example of how the nodes are connecting with users (e.g. scientists, decision-makers, or the general public). What are your previous experiences connecting with biodiversity data users? Describe the type of user group and the approaches you followed while connecting with this user group. Please be as specific as you want. Describe what worked well and what did not work so well. Did the users succeed in accessing the type of biodiversity data they needed? Please add one new entry in the discussion for each user story.

Each example or user story can be published in the discussion forum or in the comment box below stating the following items:
•    Name of the GBIF Participant
•    Type of user group that is concerned
•    A description on how the connection was made
•    An example on what data use the targeted user group was interested in

For more background of the types of users groups relevant in GBIF, please see the GBIF Communication Strategy and the accompanied messages for each of the types of user groups.

3. Activities at and after the global Nodes meeting

The following activities are planned to take place during the global Nodes meeting break-out session:
•    Provide a summary of the examples and the use case provided before the meeting
•    Expand on these examples of connecting with users at the meeting
•    Identify the follow-up activities as part of the Nodes Committee work plan

The following activities will take place after the global Nodes meeting:
•    Disseminate the results of the break-out group to the Nodes Committee
•    Provide clear communication to the Nodes Committee how nodes and regions could contribute to the activity
•    Determine timelines for the delivery of output from the Nodes Committee work plan stream on connecting with users

4. Expected outcomes

Improved guiding examples for GBIF Participant Nodes on how to connect closer with users and Use-cases from research and decision making data requests and data uses.

Please share your ideas and comments through the GB22 nodes activity group forum [TG Blue discussion page], or directly to the group coordinator Dag Endresen (dag.endresen@nhm.uio.no).

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