This group supports the activities addressed to the Nodes associated to the 22nd meeting of the GBIF Governing Board in Oct 2015

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Session 02: The GBIF data publishing landscape in 2015


The GBIF data publishing landscape in 2015

Sunday 4 October, 11:00
Led by Laura Russell

[English] This session will set the stage for the two-day training by reviewing the GBIF publishing landscape in 2015 and introducing the breakout groups and the use cases each group will be using over the two days. A review will also be provided of key concepts that will be reinforced and built upon during later sessions. By the end of the session, participants should be able to define the parts of a Darwin Core Archive and define the Star Schema and what comprises it.

[French] Cette séance prépare le terrain pour les deux jours de formation avec une révision du "paysage" de la publication des donnés au GBIF en 2015, et la présentation des différents cas d’utilisation que nous utiliserons pendant deux jours. Nous réexaminerons les concepts clés qui seront utilisés et renforcés pendent les séances ultérieures. À la fin de la séance, les participants seront capables de définir les composants d’un Darwin Core Archive, le schéma en étoile et son contenu.


The session facilitator will present a series of key concepts to the course participants to support the work planned for the sessions following this one:

  • The promotion of data publishing
  • Biodiversity data types
  • Data standards
  • Data publishing using the IPT
  • Data normalization 
  • Use cases we will be working with later in the course


These are the presentations that will be used during the session:

To support the contents of this session, the following resources are recommended:

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