This group supports the activities addressed to the Nodes associated to the 22nd meeting of the GBIF Governing Board in Oct 2015

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GB22 Training Event for Nodes

GB22 Training Event for Nodes

2015 Training event for Node Managers and teams returns to a core topic for GBIF: the publishing of biodiversity data online. It is time to review the very diverse data types covered by current data publishing and to introduce sample-based data, a new data type that GBIF will start indexing in 2015 and that promises to transform the data publishing landscape.

This event has been designed with a strong practical approach in mind, with lots of group work, partial support for languages other than English, and the possibility to evaluate your learning and receive an official certification in the form of a Mozilla Open Badge.

For in-depth information about the event, you can check its instructional design document.

NEW: The final report for the event is now available.

Preparatory work

In order to make sure that everyone can fully benefit from this training opportunity, the organizers and instructuctors of this training event would like to suggest a number of pre-course activities. If you are participating in the event, please make sure that you cover the contents described on the pre-course activities page well before the course starts.



The schedule for the event is available on the schedule page where you will find links to more information on the different sessions. You can also find information on the agenda in the GB22 nodes event brochure.

Work Groups


The practical sessions during the event will be organized in groups. A list of the groups, their components and links to the workspace associated to each group can be found on the groups page.



For those participants seeking to obtain certification on the skills acquired through this course, you can obtain more information on the page about assessment and certification.

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