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TDWG DQIG - Task Group 3 - Use Case Library for Data Quality

Dear Members

The Data Quality Interest Group Task Group #3 - Use Case Library for DQ  - is about to kick off with some discussion.

Tania Laity from the Australian Environment Department has agreed to lead this TaskGroup.  We have around 20 names of people who have expressed an interest in this Task Group so far, so now is the time for you to have your say and to contribute to this Task Group. I am sure Tania will contact you all shortly.

Tania will be looking for assistance in running this group so I ask you to please give her all possible support.

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Hi.   I'm happy to gather a list of references on biological studies that have used GBIF data, presumably carrying out some level of cleaning to do so. 

Wendy Foden 915 days ago

Hi Wendy

Thanks for the offer - that would be great



Tania Laity 914 days ago

Unfortunately, due to pressure of work, Tania Laity has had to withdraw from leadership of this Task Group, although she has expressed an interest in continuing to be involved. I thank you, Tania, for the work you have done so far. It shoulkd give us a good platform with which to continue this work on Use Cases.

We are fortunate in that Miles Micholls, the Data Manager at the Atlas of Living Australia has agreed to take on the role of leader.  Miles has a lot of experience in managing large data sets and in dealing with Data Quality and I believe is an excellent choice for the position.  I ask you all to support Miles and hope that some robust discussion on this topic will kick off shortly.

Arthur Chapman 900 days ago



Hi All,

Apologies for the lack of communications on the Data Quality Use Case task group, there has been work going on in the background to put together a practical template to capture data quality use cases that fits in with the Framework developed by Task Group 1 and it’s ready for an initial run at capturing use cases.

Some back ground on the framework developed by Task Group 1 –

The structure of this series of spreadsheets for documenting Data Quality Use Cases is based on Toward A Conceptual Framework for the Assessment and Management of the Fitness for Use of Biodiversity Data (Veiga et al. in press) .

A video describing the framework is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYwt86mC_4Q




There are two steps to the use case capture process so far –

1.       Capture a data quality use case in a practical, plain language description using the Use Case Template

2.       Convert the plain language description to a more formal format that can be used (and re-used) to test records and data sets for compatibility with the use case


At the moment we’re just working on the first step, the template here (http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/50297/data-quality-use-case-description-blank-template)  is designed for capturing plain language use cases.  There’s a worked example (http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/50327/data-quality-use-case-description-completed-example)  to help provide guidance.


Once use cases have come in via the template we’ll look at the second step of converting them to the formal framework (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dr6jSuxlkg2eLFas-VaPL8dAGouAP-ZJxRwVfrVKUGc/edit?ts=561ec9cb#gid=948363745&vpid=A1) that provides the ability to produce a data quality requirements report.


Thanks for your patience and looking forward to your use cases.  Feedback, comments and questions most welcome.




Miles Nicholls

Data Manager
Atlas of Living Australia


Miles Nicholls 776 days ago


One thing I forgot to mention was what to do with documented use cases, please upload them to the task group folder on the community site: http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/owner/group:21292#50296


Miles Nicholls 776 days ago

Miles - this is looking good.

All of the people on this list expressed an interest in assisting with this Task Group.  Miles has done a lot of work to get it going and I now urge all of you to fill in this spreadsheet for at least one Use Case.  Don't worry if you think there will be overlap with someone else as the more information we can obtain the better.

Miles is also looking for any suggestions for improvement, comments and feedback, so please don't hesitate to send these to Miles.

Arthur Chapman 776 days ago

Hi All,  Any input would be greatly appreciated - even a paragraph describing a use case would be enough to start the process off. This could be documented in an email or as a comment on this board.



Miles Nicholls 718 days ago

Dear Miles,

Sorry that I can not upload the use cases because all my time is taked by fitness for use groups currently. However, here are some resources that you or others in TG can turn into use cases:

Hope this moves this important TG3 a bit forward.

DSchigel 714 days ago

Hello all, here is a latest link to collect use cases / data use stories as a part GBIF , as discussion in Sao Paulo in early spring https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1udKhE9rdr2txkDE8MiBK-wHHVbr4G5mcdktq6P3rFXk/viewform. I will relocate seven use cases collecting by the agrobiodiversity fiteness for use group into this central collection. You are very welcome to follow the progress, and especially to tell your stories and share data use / data quality experiences. The content, excluding e-mail addresse, will be available in the tabular form here. Please let know if something is unclear - an attempt was made to make the shortest possible and jargon free form.

DSchigel 609 days ago

The Nodes meeting at GB22 in Madagascar developed a similar template for the purpose of collecting use cases where the node helpdesk assist users with access to biodiversity data and services. The template is very similar to the DQIG TG3 template.

Nodes task group report on: Connecting with users of biodiversity data

The only thing I notice missing is that the nodes have included a question/input box for a "stement of imapct" to capture if the support from the node helpdesk/ GBIF secretariat helpdesk / ... helpdesk was critical for the described GBIF- and/or biodiversity-data use mediated. I guess this question/input box is not critical from the standpoint of the nodes - and that this form from the DQIG TG3 can very well be used.

Dag Endresen 609 days ago

This one followed on from that, Dag, and the ones that the TDWG DQIG and the GBIF FFU groups developed.  We did a lot of work on it in Brazil as part of the TDWG/GBIF Data Quality Interest Group where we met with the GBIF Fitness for Use Working Groups on Species Distribution Modelling and Agrobiodiversity. We were trying to bring them all together and make sure we didn't have multiple forms trying to do the same thing, and so they would fit with the Data Quality Framework we are developing as well as satisfy GBIF's needs  If you have any comments on the current form, please send them to Miles Nicholls (cc. Dmitry)

Arthur Chapman 608 days ago