Managing vocabularies used for the description of biodiversity resources

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Contributing to VoMaG

To get started with your contribution:

  1. review the foundations of the report consisting of the introduction and its three sections (section1, section2, section3).
  2. indicate which sections you want to contribute to (can be all) by adding your name to the contributors' list.

Sections of report

  1. introduction, purpose and scope of VoMaG (EOTuama)
  2. review of the TDWG ontologies - what's wrong and what should be done (lead: SBaskauf): i) review current status, including maintenance issues, particularly in relation to existing TDWG standards (esp DwC); ii) review DwC namespace policy with a view to adopting amending for universal use by all TDWG vocabularies
  3. Semantic MediaWiki as a platform for developing vocabularies - a review of implementation at terms.gbif.org (lead: GHagedorn)
  4. a framework for managing vocabularies inc. standards, best practices, architecture, application schema (lead: DEndresen)


  1. set up revised sections on community site (Feb 1)
  2. section leads to prepare draft outline and post to site (Feb 15)
  3. members self-nominate for contributions (Feb 22)
  4. deadline for contribs (March 31)
  5. section leads revise/amalgamate/synthesise all contribs (April 30)
  6. release 2nd integrated draft for feedback from VoMaG members (May 31)
  7. revise and release for public comment (June 30)
  8. revise based on public comments (Aug 15)
  9. present at TDWG (Oct)

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