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GBIF Data Portal

Note: this is a community page, feel free to update and improve it.

Short description: website that provides access to the data in the GBIF network.
More detailed information can be found at: http://www.gbif.org/informatics/infrastructure/integrating/.

General information:

  • Available at: http://www.gbif.net
  • Interface languages: English, Korean (han-guk-eo), Español
  • Status: in production since 2007
  • Support: mail to support-at-gbif.org
  • Current version: unknown. 2.x?
  • Previous version: no longer available
  • Developers: ?, ? at GBIF
  • Licencing: users have to agree with the GBIF Data Use Agreement, the portal software is available as open source under ? licence.

Software details:

  • Programming language(s): Java
  • Webserver: Tomcat?

Development resources:

How to provide a language file: ...

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