People who have made Samy Gaiji a friend

David Remsen

is back in Copenhagen. A lot to do. (2747 days ago)

Juan Carlos Bello

Attending GB17 in Suwon, Korea... (2691 days ago)

Bruno Danis

Adding layers to our Geoserver: geomorphology, oceanic fronts and sea ice extent: http://home.bebif.be/antabif/taxonomy/show/12337 (2108 days ago)

Nicolas Noé

is translating the IPT interface to French... will bring something usable (beta quality) next week in the workshop (2446 days ago)

Mickael Graf

And finally the web interface of our data portal is now uploaded in Github! Check the complete stack at https://github.com/GBIF-Sweden. (1295 days ago)

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