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Group discussion > Request for feedback on experiences from Nodes in the reusability of existing portal developments

Request for feedback on experiences from Nodes in the reusability of existing portal developments

Luiz Gadelha
1604 days ago

Nodes portals: experiences from Nodes in the reusability of existing portal developments
Chaired by: Luiz Manoel Rocha Gadelha Junior

This discussion will provide the input for the breakout group session on reusability of existing portal development (BG3) at the 12th meeting of the GBIF Participant Nodes Committee on 6 October 2013 in Berlin. This break-out group is aimed at sharing experiences in portal development, considering how the reusability of portals developed across the GBIF community can be improved. As preparation a Google doc has been prepared with the help of several Node Managers. However, some existing portal developments may have been missed. Therefore we would encourage Node Managers to respond to the questionnaire. Also after the global Nodes meeting a contribution from Node Managers is very useful.

This discussion is open to the entire GBIF community, with special focus on Node Managers and their technical staff.

Questions can be filled directly in the Google spreadsheet (see link below) or through text contributions in this discussion stream.

The Google spreadsheet is accessible by following this link

1. What has been used to develop your Node Portal? Please answer these question by filling in the shared Google Spreadsheet.
 - What is the license (e.g. GPL, MIT, proprietary)?
 - Where can it be accessed (URL)?
 - Is the source code available somewhere?
 - How much documentation is available?
 - What is the programming language used?
 - Which web development frameworks are used?
 - Which database management system is used?
 - Does it support internationalization?
 - Has it been reused by other nodes or institutions?
 - How easy is it to reuse?
 - Personnel/resources/skills required for reusing the solution?
 - Supports harvesting datasets? Which type of datasets? Which standards are
 - Is there support for geospatial tools? Which ones?
 - How taxon names are processes?
 - Are there additional features not discussed above (e.g. data cleaning

2. Do you use any components from existing portal development by others? If so was it successful or what sorts of issues did you encounter? If you have experience of writing code with the express intention of it being open and reuse what sorts of steps or action
did you take to encourage this to happen?

3. What lessons have been learned about the reuse of portals developed

4. How can the situation be improved to encourage more collaborative

5. What is the process for Nodes Committee to provide guidance/planning
on reuse of existing portal software?

Please post your answers in comment or by email to lgadelha@lncc.br and/or nodes@gbif.org