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IPT data sharing tool

Dag Endresen
3112 days ago

How well does the new IPT data asharing tool satisfy the needs, requirements and expectaions from the NODES. Please share your evaluations and comments below:

Dag Endresen
3112 days ago

A sandbox IPT installation for NODES to fully test out would be valuable. Could the NODES easily sign up for example for the http://ipt.gbif.org/ and be allowed to load their own datasets here. Many NODES may find installion of their own IPT on their ow server an obstacle to get to know this new tool.

Hannu Saarenmaa
2769 days ago

When will the IPT be officially released? We still have only release candidates...  I would like to organise some training etc., but I want a stable, fully tested and debugged release.

Thanks, Hannu