Managing vocabularies used for the description of biodiversity resources

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This document provides a proposed architecture for the new Knowledge Organization System (KOS) for biodiversity information resources to be hosted by GBIF. The proposed KOS architecture includes the following key components: “Vocabulary of Terms” (1), “Term Browser” (2), “Extensions and Code lists for the Darwin Core Archives” (3), domain Ontologies (4), and a “Resources Repository” (5). This document presents the overall architecture and how these conceptual building blocks are linked together. Some of the possible software tools that can be used to implement each of these components are also mentioned.

This document contributes to the development of a new Knowledge Organization System (KOS) for management of terms and concepts used for the description of biodiversity information resources.

Based on feedback from Steve Baskauf, I have added page numbers and also modified the statement that the Audubon Core is available as RDF (which it is not yet, but we hope it will be soon) - Thanks!

Dag Endresen 2199 days ago

There is now a non-normative, rather minimialistic,  RDF representation of Audubon Core. It is autmatically generated from the AC Term List.

Bob Morris 1910 days ago