This group is the work environment for those interested in the Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT)

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The present Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document was prepared as the next incremental step after the NPT Scoping and Requirements (S&R) document, which was drafted by the NPT Advisory Group (AG), during the Madrid workshop in March 2011 and publicly released in June 2011.

The purpose of the SRS is to describe the software requirements for the NPT, reaching a level of detail which makes it fit to be circulated amongst the NPT stakeholders, and in particular amongst the NPT developers. It is also intended to serve as a basis for discussion during the Brussels NPT technical meeting (September 2011), during which elements for a high-level architectural and design document will be gathered.

The purpose of the current version of the SRS document is to clarify, validate and verify the requirements for the NPT as expressed by the NPT-AG, focusing on its functional aspects. The SRS captures and describes the desired behavior of the end product in a wide range of situations. 

The present document is also intended to be a planning instrument for the development of the NPT and its potential derivatives.