Advancing towards the first eLearning course produced by the GBIF Secretariat

May 2, 2012 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (0)

The GBIF Secretariat have been working for some time towards the stablishment of an electronic learning (eLearning) platform, called the GBIF Virtual Classroom. A task group was set up in 2010 to discuss this issue and, as part of their work, the GBIF community of nodes was consulted through a survey to evaluate their situation in relation to eLearning. The results of that survey where published at the end of that year.


In this time, a test server have been set up and a company specialized in eLearning has been contracted to help us construct our first course. We are working with them at present to ensure that we take the most effective eLearning approach providing the nature of GBIF and the training initiatives we are already involved in.

The thematic area chosen for this first approach is biodiversity data quality and we will center our initial efforts in a eLearning course on georeferencing. This topic has been part of the GBIF training offer for quite a long time so there are plenty of resources available on the topic. It also includes many of the activities and capacities that the GBIF stakeholders deal with daily: location and use of internet resources and tools, biodiversity and geographical data management, metadata production and analysis, etc.

At the moment we are invited those interested in getting involved early in this process to join the biodiversity data quality interest group in the GBIF Community Site. The members of the group will have the opportunity to follow the project closer, test early prototypes, provide early feedback and influence the process. Join us if you are interested in the topic!!

Meanwhile, the GBIF Secretariat will work with the eLearning company a small group of experts with extensive experience in data quality issues to define and develop the initial contents of the course.

More info on this in June!