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New set of introductory videos about data quality and fitness-for-use

April 17, 2012 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (2)

In September 2011, the GBIF Secretariat organized a training course about new ways of biodiversity data publishing and fitness-for-use. We made the most of this opportunity inviting some of the trainers (Laura Russell from VertNet and Meherzad Romer from NatureServe Canada) to do their presentations in front of a camera.

The result is a series of 12 introductory videos where they explain the basics of biodiversity data quality, data cleaning and fitness-for-use: some basic definitions, many good pieces of advice on ways to avoid the most frequent sources of error and lots of tricks to increase the quality and expand the use of existing digital data.

The videos are available as an album in Vimeo:


And also linked to the GBIF Online Resource Centre (ORC):


These videos will be part of the background, introductory material that we use in our eLearning course about data quality (I'll write another blog post on this soon). We are requesting feedback on these videos, as they are our first approach to this kind of training material. You can add your comments via Vimeo, the ORC or this post in the Community Site.

Below, you will find the first video as an example:

Short introduction to biodiversity data quality and fitness-for-use from GBIF on Vimeo.

This is  a valuable academic material that can be referred to. 

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