Invasive Alien Species in Belgium

March 30, 2012 by Andre Heughebaert   Comments (1)


Following up our EU nodes meeting, I just want to inform all of you about our Harmonia system.

Harmonia is an information system dedicated to alien species threatening native biodiversity in Belgium and in neighbour areas.

As I mention in my presentation, this system will soon be extented to the Netherlands, North of France and Luxembourg. The Belgian Forum on Invasive Species is the national node of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group and of the NOBANIS network.

The resulting species list has been published on GBIF and I strongly encourage all other nodes to publish their own invasive cheklists. 

The environmental impact of non-native species is assessed in a standard, objective and transparent way through a simplified protocol developed by the Forum, the Invasive Species Environmental Impact Assessment (ISEIA) protocol. It consists of four sections matching the last steps of the invasion process, i.e. the potential for spreading and colonising natural habitats as well as the adverse impacts on native species and ecosystems. Scores for each section are assessed based on organism’s history of impact in neighbour areas together with their ecological profiles. More information about this protocol can be downloaded from here.

Should you have any questions about Harmonia, don't hesitate to contact me or Sonia Vanderhoeven who is in charge of Harmonia at the Belgian Biodiversity Platform.

A several years old website and still impressive! That's rare on the web! Congrats to the team.

Peter Desmet 2126 days ago