Programmatic methods for identification, resolution and parsing of scientific names within structured and unstructureed text.

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GBIF Call for Proposals: National Checklist Building Best Practices

September 7, 2011 by David Remsen   Comments (0)

The GBIF Secretariat invites proposals to develop a document entitled Best Practice Guidelines in the Development and Maintenance of National Species Checklists.  We seek to identify individuals or groups who have been directly involved in the compilation, maintenance and dissemination of a national species checklist to develop these guidelines in order to compile a set of practices that may serve as a guide for future efforts to build and maintain national species lists.

See http://www.gbif.org/communications/news-and-events/showsingle/article/call-for-proposals-to-draft-best-practices-in-the-development-and-maintenance-of-national-species-c/ for more information.