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Upgrade to the group system in the GBIF Community Site

June 28, 2011 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (0)

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Dear friends,

We have made some upgrades to the group system in the Community Site. The improvements are:

  1. Groups can have multiple administrators;
  2. Group administrators can easily remove people from their group;
  3. The group administrator role can be transferred to other users;
  4. Group administrators can send emails to all the members of the group;
  5. Invitations to join a group are better managed: lists are available for pending requests and unaccepted invitations (that can be revoked). Group administrators can now a short customisable text with the invitation.

Features 1 and 2 are available through the user menu available in middle-sized icons.

We will continue working and improving the system so it better suits the users' needs. We will keep you updated.