Programmatic methods for identification, resolution and parsing of scientific names within structured and unstructureed text.

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Google Docs Taxonomic Name Service

June 3, 2011 by David Remsen   Comments (0)

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Mike Giddens of SilverBiology, has experimented with Google Docs scripting services to create a very nice name-mapping tool using Google Spreadsheets.

A user can paste a list of names into a spreadsheet, and then have each name looked up in GBIFs name services,  and the classification, taxonomic status, and links to more information can be embedded into the spreadsheet.

To try out this service:  

1.  Log in to your google account (you must be logged in) 

2. Go to https://spreadsheets0.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?hl=en_US&hl=en_US&key=0AhdYOHWBUlw_dF83RVRtQjdiQ2dwZXJCRERlUWR0SkE&output=html

3. Paste your own list of names into column A or if there are existing names, you can use them.

4.  If there is already classification information in columns B-H you can select and delete these to clear them

5. Select a series of names in column B.

6. Go to the "GBIF" option in the menu.  Select one of the two options.

You can add a link to this script in your own docs by calling