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Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT)'s blog

From Problems to Solutions

September 22, 2011 by Bruno Danis   Comments (0)

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We've just held our first NPT technical meeting in Brussels. After a lot of care was devoted to capturing and analyzing what the potential users of the NPT would want (Scoping and Requirements) and how the system should behave in many different circumstances (Software Requirement Specification), we were finally able to go into the solutions during a focused workshop recently organized. Considering the extent of the GBIF network, the extreme heterogeneity of the wishes and needs of the... Read full post

Where's the NPT blog?

June 10, 2011 by Bruno Danis   Comments (0)

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For the moment, the NPT blog is held on the following URL: http://nodesportaltoolkit.blogspot.com/
tune in to find the latest news about the NPT progress!