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The Use of Mozilla Open Badges in Biodiversity Informatics Training

March 3, 2016 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (3)

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In 2015 the GBIF Secretariat led a pilot experience on formal certification using Mozilla Open Badges as part of a training event addressed to GBIF nodes representatives. I would like to share the outcome of such experience with the biodiversity informatics training group. 
The Rationale Behind
At the GBIF Secretariat, we have been discussing for some time the need for being able to show the outcomes of our training activities beyond resource ratings, satisfaction forms and number of... Read full post

A free eLearning resource: 131 Tips on Graphics and Animations for eLearning

November 14, 2013 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (0)

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A new free resource about the use of graphics and animations in digital training resources has been released by the eLearning Guild:

This guide is full of good advice on how to use graphics, photos, animations, colors, fonts, etc. to support and complement the learning process without blocking it nor distracting our learners.
It is also full of references to useful software and websites that you can use if you work in this... Read full post

Use of images and graphics in training

October 28, 2013 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (1)

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Dear friends,
I just read this article about the use of images and illustrations in training (probably also valid for the development of any kind of text):
This is something I've had in my mind for some time. I generally support using images as part of the training resources. I'm particularly against long texts without a reasonable structure, proper use of typography and no images. But it is true that it can be... Read full post