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Upgrade to the group system in the GBIF Community Site

June 28, 2011 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (0)

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Dear friends,
We have made some upgrades to the group system in the Community Site. The improvements are:

Groups can have multiple administrators;
Group administrators can easily remove people from their group;
The group administrator role can be transferred to other users;
Group administrators can send emails to all the members of the group;
Invitations to join a group are better managed: lists are available for pending requests and unaccepted invitations (that can be revoked).... Read full post

Upgrade of the GBIF Community Site - December 2010

December 14, 2010 by Alberto González Talaván   Comments (0)


In December 2010 we have performed a major upgrade of the GBIF Community Site at various levels: server, elgg version and various plugins.
These are the highlights resulting from this upgrade:
Functionality LOST:

Chat bar

Functionality GAINED:

More stable and secure system.
Better protection against spam and bots (including new captcha system).
Blogs, bookmarks and full member list now available at the group level.
Connection "the wire" -> Twitter re-stablished.
Better... Read full post